Ceramic Fibre Textiles

Ceramic fibre ropes, tapes and textiles are produced by processing refractory ceramic fibre yarn. Various textiles can be produced. Flextra ceramic fibre textiles are woven or braided from yarn consisting of refractory ceramic fibre with approximately 10% organic carrier fibre. Insert materials are incorporated into the yarn to increase fabric tensile strength. Alloy wire inserts are available for obtaining maximum strength at elevated temperatures. Glass filament inserts are used in applications where electrical resistance is required. FlextraCeramic FibreTextiles can be used to 1000 Deg C, however when tensile strength Is important the temperature limits of the insert materials should be considered. Types Available:
  • Cloth: 2mm & 3mm glass or wire reinforced
  • Square braided rope: 6 x 6mm – 100 x 100m
  • Round braided rope: 6 – 50mm diameter
  • Twisted rope: 6 – 25mm diameter
  • Tape: 25 – 75mm wide

Flextraglass Fibreglass Textiles

Application temperature limit 450 Deg C (550 Deg C for a short time). E-glass is the basic material. Texturing guarantees a large storage volume and thus good insulation properties. FlextraGlass products are extremely textile and harmless to health. Types Available:
  • Braided Rope: 6 – 25mm diameter
  • Webbing Tape: 25 -100mm wide
  • Cloth: 1000mm wide x 50mtr rolls – 600g/m2,1000g/m2,1000g/m2 SS wire reinforced, 1000g/m2 Alucoated
  • Needlemats: 6 -25mm thick

Flextraglass Coated Cloths

  • Vermiculite coated: to 700 Deg C
  • Alucoated: to 550 Deg C
  • Teflon coated: to 316 Deg C
  • Silicone coated: to 260 Deg C

Custom Fabricated Products From High Temperature Textiles

  • Convoluted bellows
  • Fabric gaskets
  • Furnace curtains
  • Electrode seals
  • Exhaust covers
  • Welding blankets
  • Sleevings
  • Removable Insulation covers
  • Door seals
  • Tadpole seals
  • Damper seals
  • Bulb seals