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Spray Shields and Valve Covers

Installation Services

At Flextra Engineered Products we pride ourselves on the quality products which we manufacture and the durability of our product in operation. As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer a full range of installation services which go hand in hand with our design and manufacture. Our team of experienced installers will accompany our joints to site to: 1) Remove old or failed joints 2) Replace and install new Flextra products 3) Retrofit flange and metalwork to meet the specific requirements of the application Our team will either arrange the necessary scaffolding and equipment or use contractors already on site to ensure a quality fitment of our product. With the service of installation comes and extra guarantee on the life time of the joint as well as the quality of the installation. By using our team to install the product we can guarantee that it is fitted correctly and to the specifications of the joint. This will also allow us to ensure that the product is handled correctly and is not damaged during transport or installation.


The installation services also includes our ability to fabricate any metal work required for the expansion joints including: 1) Fully fitted frames of any shape and size 2) Back up bars, flowplates and flanges of any shape and size 3) Fitted flanges for retro fitting failed metal expansion joints All our installation and metal work carry the same guarantee of workmanship as our expansion joints do.